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Båtservice Contracting AS (BC) is a Company in the Båtservice Group which was founded in 1948. BC was registered as a separate Company in 1987 and has the subsidiary Båtservice ITC AS (ITC).
Båtservice Contracting AS celebrated 25 years anniversary in 2012. And with over 25 years we have developed to be a leading operator of manpower supply in today`s marked.

Our head office is located at Gismerøya in Mandal. Båtservice Group has a new modern workshop at Gismerøya, with a deep-water harbor dicectly outside. BC and ITC also have offices in Egersund and Stord.

Our yard in Stord is approved as an Enterprise of Competence and specializes in Weighing, Force Measurement and Instrumentation. Our workshop has a Calibration Lab for certification of Load Pins and Dynamometers, electro and machine workshop.

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